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Dedicated (Cassaundra Sampson)

The following slam poem was submitted by poet Cassaundra Sampson, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. This poem is provided as both a spoken word poetry performance and a written poetry piece, and is intended to inspire and encourage. Leave a comment to move this slam poem up in the rankings. Our poetry comment system is intended to facilitate feedback for our artists, and to promote creative communication. Don't just read he poetry -- take the leap by, submitting, commenting, and following

 --Slam Poems Editor 



Dedication from Cassaundra Sampson on Vimeo.


This is dedicated to the creatives 
To the risk takers and trendsetters
To the one's on the 9-5 grind
To the one's that are beyond kind
This is for the record breakers--the one's with gold, silver and bronze
And the one's that crossed the finish line
And the one's that qualified 
And the one's that tried
This dedicated to the exhausted one's that are still in the fight
And the one's that made the ultimate sacrifice
This is dedicated to the life savers & teachers
The entrepreneurs & dreamers
Dedicated to the one's knocked down
But despite doubters rise
This is for you
So get up and get out 
And do what you do
And ignite that God given greatness in you


I am a poet. I am dreamer. I am a creative. I love writing and reciting poetry because it allows words to be transformed into something beautiful. I wrote this poem because people should remember that they're special, and sometimes those overlooked need something that's dedicated to them, because they deserve it.

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