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A Love Worth Loving (Trey Capello)

In the mornings of the night when the house creaks and she says,
I need you- there is a love worth loving,

When all the lights go out and she holds to your chest and she says,
I need you- there isn't a love more worthy for a princed-pauper than the one you have,
For really all your wants can't be summed up, can't be attributed to a model of perfection in reality, but she is still a love worth loving,
For in reality, imperfection can be the icing of the cake of perfection, where plastic has become a plaugue and infection,
The gods of the populus have put perfection to a veiw skewed by the few of you whom dictate perfection,
But she who calls in the middle of a class, in the middle of her social gathering, in the midst of all her imperfection and says i love you- there is a love worth loving, and not for the plastic,
But for the heart,
And as for all you midnight coffee drinkers, you unappreciated english scholars, you gentle souls, you who the world spits out a profanity towards, all you lost in a stormy maze of contradictions and lies- when you, when you rest your soul to sleep tonight be aware that you are looking at the skies,
You are looking at your own unlimited possibility and capacity to love and not for the plastic,
But for the heart,
The heart that beats to the tune of a harp, angelic and soft and whispers,
A love that is worth loving comes from the heart.

--Trey Capello

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