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Showing posts with label Rhythm and Flow. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Rhythm and Flow. Show all posts

Overwhelmed (Tim Hernandez)

The following slam poem was submitted by a poet who goes by the name Tim Hernandez, hailing from Colorado. This poem is provided as a written poetry piece, and addresses the search for truth and peace. Leave a comment to move this slam poem up in the rankings. Our poetry comment system is intended to facilitate feedback for our artists, and to promote creative communication. Don't just read he poetry -- take the leap by, submitting, commenting, and following

 --Slam Poems Editor

But who's not
Once I could think
But of what,
I forgot

My mind is caught
Inside a thought
Too big
And now it's

What is true?
Am I, are You?
A dry well ever

This knot entangled
Synapse strangled
Mind encased in

Can't find an end
Maybe my friend
My heart can help me

Anxiety ridden
Emotions hidden
Tense and short of

Run away
No! not today
This time I'll face this

I'm far too weak
Too shy too meek
Too insecure
Too immature
Too dumb too scared
Mentally impaired
Too useless
Too awkward
Too Broken

Searching for something
For someone to put my hope in

No one but You
Eternally true
Breathe me out
Breathe You in
Let it soak in

When I lose sight
Please hold me tight
And never cease
Overwhelming peace

Can You Hear Me Momma? (Tiffany Caday)

Can you hear me momma?
It happened again, it never stops.
You were so fragile, so over it.
The screaming, the sounds of his fist as it connects to your face.

Attention (Felicity)

in the cupboard, they sit, they settle
i slide them in, among the coffee cups
the cheap china rattles, they kick their legs
you watch me with beady eyes

Confused Till Used (A. Carney) - Slam Poetry

confusion dilution re-evolution misguided we confided breathed in the pollution seclusion contusion straight to my head couldn't stop bleeding and now I am dead what is it that fills me so full of dread and makes my stomach feel heavy with lead? I'll tell you the truth but it's best left unsaid