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Can You Hear Me Momma? (Tiffany Caday)

Can you hear me momma?
It happened again, it never stops.
You were so fragile, so over it.
The screaming, the sounds of his fist as it connects to your face.

As bad as it seems, I never want to hear, silence.
My heart stills, are you there momma?
Sing me a lullaby, let me hear your voice, I know it hurts don't give up, even if you feel you have no choice.
Hold on, can you feel me momma?
Lay your hand on your miracle, that's me.
I may be the spawn of that monster, but your pureness, is. also. in. me.
Fast forward a few years, fast forward the pain to today where you lay in tears.
I wish I could comfort you.
Take you away from that human who calls himself a man.
That man, who beat you.
That man, who broke you.
Two feet away, didn't pause, not even a second glance.
Can you hear me momma?
My tears drop with every bone breaking sounding like a gun shot.
Knuckles turning white, gripping the sheets over me, afraid.
With every hit I flinch. With every hit my heart skips.
Everyday I pray for you.
For the pain to stop. For the tears to dry. For the scars to heal.
Can you hear me momma?
Six feet under, confined in that tiny space.
I prayed and god has answered.
Took you away from this disgrace.
I looked at you and I saw no shame on your frail face.
Can you hear me momma?
I really, hate that silence.
It's okay now momma.


  1. Wow. Powerful and so sad. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That was so sad, and so well-written. This is one of the best poems I've ever read, definitely!

  4. I really love this piece thanks for giving me a jest for my spoken word.