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Showing posts with label London Spoken Word Poetry. Show all posts

Crimson Red (Zela Burg)

The following slam poem was submitted by poet Zela Burg, hailing from Greater London, UK. This poem is provided as a written poetry piece, and addresses provides vibrant images and sound. Leave a comment to move this slam poem up in the rankings. Our poetry comment system is intended to facilitate feedback for our artists, and to promote creative communication. Don't just read he poetry -- take the leap by submitting, commenting, and following

 --Slam Poems Editor 


A tattooed body of roses
A taste of honey in a cherry pie
An alibi

A path to no man's land
A world of dark passion
A world of great deception

It is not a caution
It stands in a narrow format

A hollow tree
A bleeding sparrow
A raging storm

Never the server

It is now a pick
To dress that tick

Shadows of past loves
Sink into the stale air
The air is fresh