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Confused Till Used (A. Carney) - Slam Poetry

confusion dilution re-evolution misguided we confided breathed in the pollution seclusion contusion straight to my head couldn't stop bleeding and now I am dead what is it that fills me so full of dread and makes my stomach feel heavy with lead? I'll tell you the truth but it's best left unsaid
misinformation in a materialistic nation everyone's cornered into self mutilation contemplation of unseen truth, yet sin is common in the voting booth and chaos wreaks havoc like the ace of mavericks playing the game of democracy so secretly until you see you will be blind kept behind in poverty dimension a simple extension unto redemption non fiction straight up reality informality contagious outrageous so truly vivacious misplaced us claiming moralities tasteless free based this and it got my head sped up forgot about when we became corrupt but in the end it'll be abrupt so please don't interrupt me when I speak information in my head I keep working hard to keep the peace respectively and I never weep for my kind not now that terroristic views entice the New York Times and there is no Nirvana No happiness on high and as the world inevitably ends due to evolutionary trends mythology becomes high technology fairy tales relate on biblical scales there is no excuse for becoming this profuse you see the world now, scared and used

1 comment:

  1. This was so dope. I felt every word of it.You have potential as a writer the flow reminds me of Lauryn Hill , mystery of iniquity.