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UNTITLED (Heather Tinted)

We were addicted to each other,
I was your Honey Suckle,
You were my Bee,
You loved how my nectar dripped off of my petals.
You loved it so much that you picked me.
Snatching me from my roots,
Not understanding that I was trying to morph into your Butterfly,
Impossible. Impulsive thinking,
You didn't know what to do when you saw me dying,
So you showered me with your love.

Now that you made it possible for me to bloom into who you wanted me to be,
You fell in love with an Orchid,
Left me out to die,
Now how do I go back to who I was,
When you're all that I know,
What do I do,
What did I do for you to leave me,
Now that I'm stuck as this Butterfly that I know nothing about,
All I can do is pretend to be happy and fly away
Fly Away and try to fit in with the rest,
Looking for you in every caterpillar,
Trying to change them into you,
What do I do...

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