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Editor's Note: New Contest - "Why We Write"

New Contest

It's Word Wednesday!

Last week's contest is still running. 

Here's your assignment, 
If you choose to accept it: 

Write a poem 
About why you write poetry.

What motivates you? 
What do you want to accomplish? 

Submit your poem at:

Also, spread the word. 
Tell your friends
So they can submit their poems, as well. 

We'll publish our top picks. 


Sample Poem:
I write poetry

Because sometimes
My chest is roaring. 

I need a place 
To give vent to the cries
Of my heart. 

To say
The things that cannot
Be said.  

To try and hold 
The ocean in my 
Cracked hands, 

Or snuggle the sun,

Or swallow the earth. 

Poetry is impossible. 
Words are too meager.

I'm over here trying
To paint sunsets
With a box of crayons. 
On a gum wrapper.

Still I try. 

Because the alternative
Is silence, and silence, 

Is death. 

I write because
Words are powerful. 

Because I must 
Give witness to the light. 

Why do you write? 


Give Affirmations!

Please check out poetry 
Published on
And leave comments 
For your favorites.

We have many new
And aspiring poets
Sharing their hearts; 

The positive touches
And feedback can 
Go a long way. 

Leave a comment today!


--Johnny Levy
Slam Poems Editor

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