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September Contest: Haiku Challenge

I recently got back into writing haikus (shout out to Isaiah at for inspiring me!)  I'm remembering how useful it is to force myself into this tight, small format. Haikus are three line poems, with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line. The force you to focus, and to conserve language. 

The September Slam Challenge is to write the best haiku. Do it!  Submit here when you're ready. 

Here is my most recent series, for reference and inspiration: 

Introspective Wolf
Do you think a wolf
Always knows he is a wolf?
Or does he mean well?

I do not only 
Listen to a man's advice.
First I watch his life.

Knives Out
A harmless request
Invitation to engage.
But will you stab me?

The thing I can't live
Without: connection with You.
To unplug is death.

I quietly write
Into the cosmos for all
Or none to see it.

Uh Oh!
I wonder if the
Satellites can see me when
I am pooping, yo.

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