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We Are ... (Nadir Yanez)

"I saw myself the other day in the mirror,
You look tired and worn out
You are too stressed out,
What am I doing wrong?
Or what am I not doing right?

At this moment I or anyone in particular should not
Stress themselves over petty things,
Cuz’ in this moment we do not need to care about the
past or the future, We need to live our lives as if there is no
Tomorrow, Because one day we will not have the great chance
to do the things we are able to do now
We might look like rebels or (whatever you wanna call it)
But one day we will age, and will not be able to enjoy
our lives
Forget the regrets you had yesterday, because yesterday is in the past
and don’t worry about tomorrow
Live as if you were in a festival every day because one day
that moment will go away
We are expected to act like we are full of wisdom and like
mature grown people, but yet we are treated as a child
And you know what? Dump that judgement away
Care about your friends and family,
Shake the earth, Light up the sky, Blow yourself away
Teenage life is only once in this life and we don’t get to re live this
moment, so get rid of those pessimistic attitudes, and live
each day as if you were exploring a new world
Because one day you will have to grow up
But right now, We are here , we are young, we are unique, We are beautiful,
We are the future, and We ARE Infinite,
And In this very moment we are here to live out loud.

--Nadir Yanez

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