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For the Moment (Myles Ellis)

Things only go our way for so long, may not be long before we say so long to those that were there for us to fall on. Those who would forewarn us to the dangers this world may display. We meet those who try to open up our eyes and dry em at the same time, with the lines that are sweet as lime in the summer time, so sweet we see nothing but crime. Pushing away those who want to do nothing but pull us close, afraid to he tied down when only faith is the ropes. Let ourselves be grounded? Oh no we just, search for things to lead us to float. False realities like drugs that we take to much of, we happen to luck up and get a second chance with the ones that show us the most love. Then only seldom, you find one thats taken just as much as you have and equally tired of wasting time. They say “why catch feelings?” thats like asking “why patch ceilings?” And allow those to get through that only have the sole purpose of damaging what you’ve built inside. Take your time. Allow someone with the right tools to make everything cool and patch up your heart before it ends up a pool of sadness so overwhelming it becomes madness. May be hard to show it but you always have to know it, that person may be planning for forever, while you’re living in the moment. OG.

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