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Word Power (Angela Khristin Brown)

there is something I wanted to say,
if only you listen to my thoughts,
words are confusing me, can't rest my mind on what I feel,
my emotions twist my words around,
I can't think back, it is not what it was supposed to be,
why did you not respond to my actions,
actions speak in gestures,
words speak in symbols,
the matter of truth is misspelled,
let us speak in honesty,
you cannot begin to understand,
what I am trying to say is...

I can benefit from the exposure.
I write poetry as a form of expression
and I feel I have a need to have
my voice heard. I use personal experience
to communicate with the audience
through the images of expressing
metaphors, analogies and emotions
I reflect on cultural experience
to explicate meaning to passionate words
that describe a state of being
found poems using words
taken from text
analogies, poetic themes used poems
words based on personal experiences
translate words from other languages
compared from Shakespeare analytical antidotes.
my voice to tell a story to create images
to create emotions that give life
knowledge in relating a message
about personal conviction
about how I relate to life
to my struggle.
I use talent to address problems
of the people behind it
that make others understand me
I am poet
I make a difference
in my voice
Poetry is the mirror image of perfection:
Its meaningful text, burns words for eternity.

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