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I Am A Visionary (Lord Big) - Slam Poetry

I am a visionary
As I Sit in this four-corner room staring at candles I contemplate
I tell myself over and over “you must control your emotions”
If I were to make irrational decisions my life would be over
Either I will end up dead or in prison
Leaving my dreams and loved ones behind
The first is more likely
I feel as if I am the one
The one that will bear everyone’s pain
The one that shall be sacrificed for a better future
The one that snapped and retaliated
The one that shall lead
Lead by example
You cannot drive out darkness with darkness
But two negatives make a positive
Which is right?
I am a visionary
I predicted the United States of America would be thrown into turmoil once the jury’s decision was made
That came true
I predicted that once America was thrown into turmoil another country would take advantage of this situation to wage war against us during this unstable time
I hope I am wrong
The only difference between us humans is neither race nor gender
It is our spirit soul and consciousness
What will become of this world?
It seems as if earth is better off without the human race
All we do is destroy and conquer
I believe the only way we’ll unite is if we share the same enemy
Sometimes I wish that enemy were now a threat
To the victor belong the spoils
Thus peace and harmony has been spoiled
I will change this world
I am a visionary

--Written by Lord Big

1 comment:

  1. I stand with you Lord Big.
    we can only bring change if we can be it.
    we need individuals who will stand up for whats right
    and stand against wrong.
    I support your vision and support you on realizing your dream.