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To The One Before Me (B. Anthony) - Slam Poetry

Deep within our first conversations,
We talked for hours about everything,
Starting with her favorite color, which is and was baby blue,
I laughed because coincidentally it was mine too.
Soon, the hour began to grow late
As we delved into all the things we had recently been through
That’s when she told me that she had never loved before you.

As she began to explain,
I pictured the first time I saw her
And how I could see the cracks in her beautiful smile,
I knew that this girl must have been fragile
Like a porcelain doll left upon the shelf.
I saw her as she sat there collecting dust all by herself,
Until one day the child she belonged to became antsy.
He reached over the counter and pulled her down,
Adrenalin pumping through his veins,
He started to forget what she really was.
A grip stronger than her trust held her down.
He wanted more than she wanted to give,
The child tried to force her into giving in
And he gave up on playing nice.
So he started playing with her emotions,
Eventually he didn’t even think twice
Before going too far,
But she could see right through his, I mean your ruse.

You see, you left an impression on her.
One that maybe love wasn’t something you really feel.
Maybe it was something that wasn’t even real.
That it was a fantasy to be revealed with maturity.
But to tell you the truth, I want to thank you,
Because without you, she would’ve never known what true love was,
She would have never known what she really deserved,
She would have never known how to move on.
But now she does because she has me
To compare you to.

I’ll restore her faith, I’ll be the exception to the rule.
I’ll keep her safe, while you continue to act like a fool.

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