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The Pursuit of Happiness (Sienna Johnson)

The following slam poem was submitted by a poet named Sienna Johnson, hailing from CO. This poem is provided as both a spoken word poetry performance and a written poetry piece. Leave a comment to move this slam poem up in the rankings. Our poetry comment system is intended to facilitate feedback for our artists, and to promote creative communication. Don't just read he poetry -- take the leap by, submitting, commenting, and following. --Slam Poems Editor 



The Pursuit of Happiness from Sienna Johnson on Vimeo.


The Pursuit of Happiness
Humanity is just a blip in the cosmos in the grand scheme of time
According to the Cosmic Calendar, the average years of human life is equivalent to only zero point one sixth of a second

In the grand scheme of time, we only exist in the universe for 10 seconds
This universe has existed for over 13 billion years and it will still exist long after we are gone
But in our short time here, we seem to be doing it all wrong
Air pollution and water pollution, that’s what the Earth is made of
We’ve contaminated every surface
We’ve killed Mother Nature when we deforested and degraded the law of survival
Generations of animals and species going extinct
Empathy is at the brink of going extinct too
So many human beings becoming meaningless human doings
Too many wants turning to needs
Greed is certain because we take it all for granted
It’s a poison that has infested the planet
Traumatized and desensitized
Suicide and pride are at an all time high
So many lives lost, there’s too many to measure and that’s why I say life is a treasure
Material things have so much value but what’s really the value when you compromise all of your values
So concerned with what they see on the surface when we’re deeper than that
Everyone quarantined in their own personal hell before COVID ever did
I don’t know what’s worse- standing still while the world spins on
Or standing still while the world comes to a stand still too
We check each other’s identities, whichever body it’s currently in
Waves crashing too heavy, drowning in the current we’re in
2020 was supposed to be that year
You know what year I’m talking about- the year for reform, development, evolution
The start of a new decade, a new world to be made
And things may be changing but not for the better
Like when do we draw the line
When do we stop saying everything’s fine
I mean sometimes it looks like it’s getting better and better but then it seems to go in reverse
And it just seems perverse that we can think of nothing worse than watch it come back around
What’s nature vs. nurture when the police lurk on the colored
Yes some cops feel it right to end a life
But we end more by spreading strife
And I honestly understand both sides I mean I can understand a cops grief
You see people at their ugliest and rarely get to see their beauty
But with all do respect that’s your duty, it’s the job you choose
So no you don’t get to step on the necks or the rights of the people you’ve been called on to protect
Countless victims still go unknown
Because those crimes didn’t happen to be recorded by a bystander with an iphone and all we can think of as a solution is a race war?
I’m not saying we should give up the fight
But we’ve reached the height of the chaos and no offense
But those protests aint bringing justice to the unrest
Pitchforks and lit torch
And in my opinion, the ‘defund the police’ statement should be shunned
And what kind of society are we creating when religion is the division
Rather than a declaration of faith, what happened to freedom of individual vision
Took a worldwide pandemic for God’s chosen people to pray
But god seems so far away when pandemic is dubbed as possible population control
Look at everyone struggling for control
Playing tug-of-war with their soul for power or their birth given rights
Political numbers become hunters for the wonder
Despite whether your left or right, you better surrender
I’m writing about this world that’s scaring me to death
How many times will we allow history to repeat itself?
Look at someone else besides yourself
The flag says united but NO ONE is equal
Some would say money is still the root of all evil
No good deed done without profit
Every company competes for America’s pockets
Like buy this, buy that, you cant be happy without it
But happiness isn’t store bought in a can and love isn’t found in a one night stand
There’s more violence in the media than ever before
And it has corrupted any positive guidance
The government builds twice as many prisons than schools
10% of the population skates thin ice, no health care or retirement fare
So many people need good hands, where’s all state?
The world’s mind state says only the strongest survive in this survival of the fittest
It’s a dog-eat-dog world and it seems only the luckiest make it
People prefer instant gratification
Over a lifetime of meaning and purpose
We’re waving these flags of hatered but we’re the ones who made it
Look at all the people making a life but aren’t making a living
Thinking we’re giving a lot but it’s still not giving
Hand out, palm up but nothing’s getting handed to us, never has, never will
But its our responsibility to restore our sanity and society
When will we stop repeating the same story
And come out stronger than where we began?
Are we going to wait for the tables to turn
Or will we begin to change it?
Have you ever noticed that kindness can be contagious
And you can be courageous while being understanding
You can meet hate with love
You can beat arrogance with compassion
Because no matter who you are
We were born for life and liberty
And our lives are the pursuit to the happiness we pursue


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