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One More (Sawyer Love)

“One more.”
“Take it.”
“No, I’ll throw up.”
“No you won’t.”
“I always do with this stuff.”

Dear Padmarajan (Nitin Nath)

Father's Touch (Johnny Levy, Slam Poems Editor)

I was an asthmatic kid
And when I got sick
It was like breathing through
A wet afro in my windpipe.
The panic, the agony,
My own lungs
Strangling me.
Will the next breath
Happen? Can't think like that.
Just keep breathing,
Like heaving thousand pound rocks
With my chest.

When Are You Coming Home, Dad? (Levi)

Hey dad I was wondering what your last thoughts were? What were your final thoughts as you lived up your final day on that artificial respirator in the ICU of that shitty hospital that we would joke about as we drove by it? What was your final thought about us? Did you wonder if I would graduate on time? Did you wonder what we would do with your belongings? Did you wonder what it would be like for us to cope with this emotional turmoil you put us through?

Attention (Felicity)

in the cupboard, they sit, they settle
i slide them in, among the coffee cups
the cheap china rattles, they kick their legs
you watch me with beady eyes

Beloved Stranger (Johnny Levy, Slam Poems Editor)

Why are we here?
To drink the sea?
To swallow the sun whole?

God is light, and rain.
Our hearts are stone.
Waiting in the dark.
Longing to know.
What we only know
With big chunks

UNTITLED (Heather Tinted)

We were addicted to each other,
I was your Honey Suckle,
You were my Bee,
You loved how my nectar dripped off of my petals.
You loved it so much that you picked me.
Snatching me from my roots,
Not understanding that I was trying to morph into your Butterfly,
Impossible. Impulsive thinking,
You didn't know what to do when you saw me dying,
So you showered me with your love.

Hook-Up Culture (Rochelle Smith)

A hundred dating profiles.
A dozen dates a month.
A couple drinks in some nameless bar.
Nights spent wasted and drunk.

Tomorrow, You Will Be Free (Regether Pair)

Please don't stop me, my love, let me lie
down and kiss the ground, let me taste the
taste of freedom on my tongue and
remember my past no more. Let my tears
mingle with the sand and the sun comfort
my soul, for the earth has opened up her
mouth and swallowed my past, no more
pain, no more fear, only sweet music shall
ring in my ears.

Bike Ride (Kavya)

Burden lifts of off her shoulder
And rings
Yes rings they form
Those heavy
Heavenly miraculous winds!

EDITOR'S PICK: Knock Knock (Daniel Beaty)

You Didn't Explain the Rules (Bec)

I write your name a thousand times above a vast net of memories.
None of this makes sense.
Breathe in. Silence.
I scream your name in the ocean.
It’s stuck in the back of my throat. 

EDITOR'S PICK: Human Persons (Propaganda and Micah Bournes)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I picked this poem as a powerful example of of excellence, passion, and conviction in presentation. Great poetry asks great questions. This is easily my favorite poetic collaboration of all time. I was moved, challenged, and as is the case with most good poetry, it just made me want to write. 

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The Day You Found Yourself (Kerrie Nicole McCaffrey)

there is a half moon horizon
and the murk and smudge of the yesterday
the charcoal darkness of the last hour
and the swath of pitch upon your life
is shattered
as if by switch blade...
the car won't start--
your throat is sore--