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The Day You Found Yourself (Kerrie Nicole McCaffrey)

there is a half moon horizon
and the murk and smudge of the yesterday
the charcoal darkness of the last hour
and the swath of pitch upon your life
is shattered
as if by switch blade...
the car won't start--
your throat is sore--

Social (A. Hall) - Slam Poetry

are we not all
called creation

but yet we live in separation

we stand up for things we think we believe in

yes knowledge is power
but were are you getting your information

Confused Till Used (A. Carney) - Slam Poetry

confusion dilution re-evolution misguided we confided breathed in the pollution seclusion contusion straight to my head couldn't stop bleeding and now I am dead what is it that fills me so full of dread and makes my stomach feel heavy with lead? I'll tell you the truth but it's best left unsaid

Deconstructive Criticism (T. Lucio) - Slam Poetry

I always heard “you shouldn’t do this” or “don’t act like that”
Be this and not that.
Why are the people that should love me unconditionally, giving me a manual on how to be?
Can’t they see that I’m struggling to find what’s wrong with me, because I am not perfect like my family.

Lost in the Making (Monica)

Why you got to talk like that,
Making me feel like crying.
I’m just like you,
Just a little something’s missing.

For the Moment (Myles Ellis)

Things only go our way for so long, may not be long before we say so long to those that were there for us to fall on. Those who would forewarn us to the dangers this world may display.

Word Power (Angela Khristin Brown)

there is something I wanted to say,
if only you listen to my thoughts,
words are confusing me, can't rest my mind on what I feel,
my emotions twist my words around,
I can't think back, it is not what it was supposed to be,
why did you not respond to my actions,
actions speak in gestures,
words speak in symbols,
the matter of truth is misspelled,
let us speak in honesty,
you cannot begin to understand,
what I am trying to say is...

Our Grandmothers (Angela Khristin Brown)

She lay, skin down in the moist dirt,
the canebrake rustling
with the whispers of leaves, and
loud longing of hounds and
the ransack of hunters crackling the near

To The One Before Me (B. Anthony) - Slam Poetry

Deep within our first conversations,
We talked for hours about everything,
Starting with her favorite color, which is and was baby blue,
I laughed because coincidentally it was mine too.
Soon, the hour began to grow late
As we delved into all the things we had recently been through
That’s when she told me that she had never loved before you.

I Am A Visionary (Lord Big) - Slam Poetry

I am a visionary
As I Sit in this four-corner room staring at candles I contemplate
I tell myself over and over “you must control your emotions”

The Wheel (Henry Barragan)

As the memories fade,
the hole heals.
Time spent and lost,
loves' gamble steals.
Sweet souls sour,
beneath your heels.

Woman (Henry Barragan)

Laid down herself.
Her body,
her soul.
Split her body,
mind, and heart.

A Love Worth Loving (Trey Capello)

In the mornings of the night when the house creaks and she says,
I need you- there is a love worth loving,

I'm a Soldier (Corey Candelaria) - Slam Poetry

I'm a solder in this tough world,
trying to deal with all of the problems in one hurl,

Believe (Tisha)

It’s my believe it or not,
A thing my brain has always fought
I know it should not matter,
But I want to know will it feel better

How God Poured Me

I caught a passing glimpse of myself
passing the mirror on the way out of the
                        and realized
                        this wasn’t me